Endometriosis (15 mins, FREE)

First-hand advice from our expert nutritionists on changes to diet, health and lifestyle that can make a profound difference to your symptoms.

Fertility (15 mins, FREE)

Helping you cultivate the most fertile soil to grow new life and navigate the twists and turns of conception.

General nutrition (15 mins, FREE)

Eat well to live well. Whether you want better sleep, energy or immunity, or if you simply want to de-stress, talk to us.

Hormone & menstrual cycle support (15 mins, FREE)

PMS? Haywire hormones? Misbehaving thyroid? We’ll help you find the balance you need for a healthy, happy monthly cycle.

New customers (15 mins, FREE)

Feel free to ask us anything. We’re here to support you with an optimal balance of nutrients to keep you top of your game.

New mother & breastfeeding (15 mins, FREE)

Supporting you through your fourth trimester and beyond, with optimised nutrients for energy and recovery and - if breastfeeding - milk flow.

Perimenopause + menopause (15 mins, FREE)

Preparing your body for its second spring. Our nutritionists support a holistic approach to balancing hormones, mood and mind.

Practitioners only (15 mins, FREE)

For Practitioners to discuss a client's protocols, products, ingredients or brand information.

Pregnancy (15 mins, FREE)

From first positive pregnancy test to final contraction, we’ll support you with balanced nutrition for you and your growing baby.